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Ways in Which IR35 Can Affect Your Professional Career

A huge number of individuals today choose to have a career as an independent contractor because of the huge amount of freedom it gives to their lives. These individuals are not usually bound by company rules allowing them to move a bit more freely when compared to a regular employee. There are however, a number Read more »

Things to Consider When Receiving an IR35 Notice

Independent contractors have been growing in popularity with them receiving their fair share of the spotlight over the years. Several companies in the present are leaning towards hiring independent contractors because of the huge amount of time and resources they can save with their acquisition when compared to the hiring of traditional employees. Furthermore, independent Read more »

Things to Consider When Choosing a Career as an Independent Contractors

A number of individuals want the freedom to choose the type of work that they want as well as when and where want they want to complete it. This however, is not possible especially if you are employed to a company since you will need to strictly follow their rules and regulation. This however, does Read more »

All about Contracting and IR35

For a contractor, it can be challenging to deal with IR35, but it is necessary. You can find a lot of information regarding IR35. You must find how the legislation can affect your company, no matter how limited it can be. First of all it is important to define IR35. IR35 is an anti-avoidance legislation Read more »