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Contractor Tax
08 Oct 2018

IR35 – The ‘Contractor Tax’ Demystified

Contractors and freelancers who choose not to be full-time employees and work flexibly for many clients have focused tax legislation IR35. The IR35 tax law is designed to tax taxes as if they were “disguised employees”, providing their qualified and mainly informed services to clients through their own limited company.

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Umbrella Company
07 Oct 2018

How to Make the Best Use of a Tax Calculator?

Are you confused by your full financial responsibility? Do you want to calculate the exact amount of money you owe to the taxpayer? If so, the tax calculator is the best tool for you. Although financial advisers and tax advisors claim to provide the ideal solution for tax savings in

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Umbrella Paye
05 Oct 2018

Umbrella Types You Can Choose For Your Promotional Needs

The truth is that any type of umbrella can become a promotional umbrella when printed with a company logo and a slogan. Many varieties of umbrellas are used for promotional purposes for brands and make some of the best items, as they offer a large area for prints and images.

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